4CBS DENVER New Youth Center Opens In Aurora With Help Of Rep. Rhonda Fields

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Rep. Rhonda Fields, D-Aurora, is one of the creators of the center. She wants to help young people after her son, Javad Marshall-Fields, was shot and killed along with his fiancee Vivian Wolfe in 2005 before he could testify in a murder case. One of the killers was a teenager.

The Dayton Street Opportunity Center will provide services including GED training, job placement and college counseling.

In the last decade, the Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund, founded by Fields and Christine Wolfe, mother of Vivian Wolfe, has granted 11 scholarships. Fields, a legislator since 2010, says the Dayton center is a step toward meeting more young people’s needs.

LINK: Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund

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